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Or maybe you will notice a organic rhythm and develop your intuition inside the bird calls surrounding you. The rhythm a crow sings at. Just like the natural rhythm of the finch. A magpie. Or maybe a honey eater.

Simply spend time listening to the organic rhythms of the sounds around you. Within the cone of audio coming for you from all directions. Imagine this rhythm is like a foreign language and that you are trying to interpret the language by listening towards the various patterns. Listening to the rhythms of nature.

While you pay attention to the rhythms and deepen your sense of intuition within this sphere of audio surrounding you both close to you and far away you'll likely discover that your focus and awareness will fall onto a particular sound for at least a few moments. That you are naturally drawn to a specific sound. Maybe it's the mild fall of some water in the distance from the waterfall.

While you pay attention to that specific sound you feel drawn to, start to pay attention to the small nuances inside the sound. Towards the small sounds within the sound. You'll likely discover you will find a lot of high pitched and reduced pitched personal sound forms within the sound. That there are little vibrations inside the sounds. Much like the sound form has a variety of different textures. Simply intend to listen towards the personal nuances inside the sound you feel drawn to.

When you do this for a long time you'll notice you will naturally be drawn to another sound. Maybe the rhythmic calling of the bird. Once more, pay attention to the small nuances inside this audio. Towards the small calls within the primary call. Becoming using the individual seems within the sound.

And once more you will probably discover that after a while your attention will usually be drawn to another sound within your sphere of sound actively visit and be with this particular sound. After a short time you will probably discover that you naturally go from sound to sound. Like a dance. Being with a sound and then by natural means flowing to the subsequent sound. Towards the sounds close to you. To the sounds far away from you. To the sounds in front of you. To the sounds above you. That you'll be aware of the rhythms inside the sound as well as all the little sounds within the various sounds.

Tuning with the rhythm in the sounds. Flowing to the sounds. Merely joining with the sound forms surrounding you. Picking up and going with the nuances inside the movement of sound.

By willhbevans
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